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Dr. Cooper discusses the treatment of Macular Degeneration on Fox13news.com:

Having trouble seeing?  It may be more than just “getting old.”

As people age, it’s natural for their vision to worsen gradually over time.  But sometimes vision problems are caused by something beyond aging.  If your vision is worsening, it’s important to know what’s causing the change– many conditions are treatable if diagnosed early enough, and even if the underlying problem can’t be cured, better vision is often possible.

What causes Low Vision?

There are many conditions that cause Low Vision. Some of the most common:

Other causes of Low Vision include Macular hole, Macular detachment, Hypertensive Retinopathy, Inoperable Cataracts, Macular Dystrophy and Stargardt’s Disease of the Macula.  Learn more about the causes of Low Vision.

Whatever the cause of your vision problems, here’s the good news:  Thanks to recent advances in optics technology, there are Low Vision treatment options that deliver great results but don’t require surgery or medication– you might be able to see better with specialized eyeglasses!

Dr. Cooper’s Patients Can Now:

  • Read and write, even tiny newsprint
  • Knit and sew, even fine or detailed stitching
  • Play cards or paint
  • Watch TV
  • Enjoy beautiful outdoor scenery
  • See the details in their loved ones’ faces
  • Fully participate in religious services
  • Attend ball games/sporting events, see the scoreboard and read even the small stats in the game program
  • Tie fishing flies

Some of Dr. Cooper’s patients can even DRIVE again, depending on their state’s DMV regulations!

Find out if Dr. Cooper can help YOU

Every patient is different and results vary from person to person, but most of Dr. Cooper’s patients enjoy a much better quality of life and far greater independence with his custom-created specialized eyeglasses.  Learn more about how Dr. Cooper has helped patients see better and enjoy life more.

You might be able to see better, too!  All it takes is a quick 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Cooper to find out whether his specialized eyeglasses might help you.  The consultation is free and there is no obligation to buy if you speak with Dr. Cooper to learn more.

To find out whether Dr. Cooper’s advanced optics could work for you, please contact us today or call 1-800-451-2015.